Seeking motivated young adults who want to pursue a career in technology.

We are seeking students for our upcoming 39th and 40th ITWorks sessions!
ITWorks is a FREE 16-week technology training program for young adults ages 18 to 26, and veterans up to 32. During 11 weeks of classroom study and hands-on workshops, students prepare for the industry-leading CompTIA A+ Certification. Through 5 weeks of internship, students build their resumes and real-world skills.
Please pass along this email, or the flyer below, to anyone you may know who might be interested.

Classes start in Philadelphia on August 26 and Delaware on September 3.
Student candidate interviews happening now!


Application             Website          ITWorks Flyer


ITWorks is an IT Training & Internship Program for young adults.


Applicants must: 

  • be 18-26 years old
  • have a high school diploma or GED
  • have not yet completed a Bachelor’s degree
  • complete the online form to begin the application process
The program truly is life-changing. Students receive unprecedented access to senior technology executives from many of the region’s leading corporations and nonprofits. They receive top-notch technical and professional development training, and an internship that will provide them with the kind of resume-building experience that will change their income potential for life.








Check out our Success Stories to read about ITWorks graduates working in the IT industry!



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