How Amir Price created His Path to “Success with STEM”

Amir Price was born August 9th 2002 in Philadelphia. At a young age, he was told to find a path to success
and to live life to the fullest. His father told him to always work hard so that you can play hard. Amir was always creative. He is what his mother called a self soother. he did not need much to entertain himself. He would use creativity to make things, and many of the skills he learned at an early age still help today.

STEM came natural to Amir, before he even knew STEM was a thing. Amir could be found in his room creating and programming his lego robots. He even made them move to music. This made Amir realize that he could shape the world to his image and he did not have to fit into one mold of Robotics or Music. He could merge his two passions using STEM, and in elementary school he would be introduced to coding by joining his school’s LEGO Robotics team.

It would be the mechanic side of robotics that Amir would find his passion. He enjoyed making the world around him move, light up, or change at his finger tips. He started to learn that through robotic he could make the world better. Amir continued to grow in robotics and add to his toolkit when he he moved from Philadelphia to Havertown and joined THE FIRST ROBOTICS TEAM at his school. He was then introduced to different equipment, strategy skills, and his love for robotics grew exponentially.

Amir is now preparing to enter college where he will major in Robotic Engineering with a minor in Music. He is excited to see how the skill he learned as a child will catapult his career as a Robotic Engineer. Amir does not know exactly what he wants to do with himself in 5 years, but he does know that failure is not an option. That success is his for the taking. That as he is figuring this adult thing out that he has two parents and mentors that he can always ask for guidance and support.

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