Students Will Represent JCWCC and the TechCORE2 program TechCORE2 Student Presentations TechCORE2 Guest Speaker List Why Donate to TechCORE2

Students Will Represent JCWCC and the TechCORE2 program

On August 9th the students in the TechCORE2 program from both A+ and WordPress will have the opportunity to represent both JCWCC and TechCORE2 program at Benjamin Frankiln High School at the annual Workready forum  

TechCORE2 Student Presentations

  TechCORE2 students will be showing off their newly-acquired knowledge by explaining their new skills of creating and developing a website. They will also talk about how this information is useful in our world, and the amount of opportunities this program presents.

TechCORE2 Guest Speaker List

  Mr. Howard James spoke on success and making a living to our students.

Why Donate to TechCORE2

  It is well known that the Tech Industry creates many of the best jobs that America including median salary for System Engineer $87,100 according to INFORGRAPHIC OF THE DAY: THE BEST JOBS IN AMERICA Inc. magazine recently published in “ 8 Best Industries for Starting a Business Right now” that 4 of the top 8 […]