Our Mission

Commitment to the inclusion, advancement, and recognition of women as members of the forensic science community with a focus on bringing women in science together to “Network & Inspire”.

The Association of Women in Forensic Science, Inc. (AWIFS), established in December 2010 is a volunteer run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Philadelphia, PA.  AWIFS provides networking opportunities and programs for female forensic professionals, teenagers and college students.  Our programming includes mentoring and outreach programming for female and male adolescent youth ages 12-19 with the desire to pursue a career in forensic science.  AWIFS is comprised of  forensic professionals, college students with a concentration in forensics and community leaders who are passionate and dedicated to forensic science education, violence and drug awareness/prevention in urban communities.

More Information http://www.awifs.org/programs-workshops/

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