The TechCORE2 Summer 2017
High School Internship Program

was such as success that it was chosen to been featured on PhillyCAM VOICES Community News

Mondays in October 2017 @ 6:30 PM

1.Watch PhillyCAM on Comcast Cable 66/966HD or Verizon Fios 29/30 in Philadelphia 
View schedule online at

2.PhillyCAM’s web channel streams non-commercial programs in the same timeslot as cablecast on TV

3. Check out PhillyCAM using Comcast On Demand
You will be able to find us in the Get Local section on Comcast VOD under Philly in Focus/PEG Assets/PhillyCAM.

4. If you have a ROKU, you can find PhillyCAM on the PEG.TV channel 
Programs on ROKU are the local, original, all-ages shows that are available on PhillyCAM’s website

Featured segment Produced by ConnieCAM


Meet one of the incredible 9 students from this past summer!


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