Academic Year 2019 – 2020
Saturday & After School Program College Student Instructor Opportunities 

Job Descriptions @

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  • Coding & Engineering Instructors for Youth STEM Programs (up to 10 positions; Saturday & Afterschool in University CityOverbrook/West Philly and Mt. Airy)
  • Computer Technician / Network Technician / Web Developer Intern (up to 2 positions)
  • Saturday Leadership Program by 100 Black Men of Philadelphia (Math, Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking Emphasis) (4 positions; every other Saturday 10 am – 2 pm)
Internship Details & How To Apply?
  1. PHEAA Student applications must be submitted on or before the applicable deadline date: (
  2. PHEAA Spring / Fall Interns can work up to 20 hours a week, while summer Interns can work up to 40 Hours Per Week
  • CHECK PHEAA Website for Application Due Dates
  1. STEM Coding Instructors work Part-Time on Saturdays & Afterschool and are paid via stipend
  • After School Programs Start @ $15/hour
  • 1st Year Coding Instructor $12.00 / hour (Saturday 4.5 – 6 hours Stipend)
  • 2nd Year Coding Instructor $13.00 / hour (Saturday 4.5 – 6 hours Stipend)
  • 3rd Year Coding Instructor $14.00 / hour (Saturday 4.5 – 6 hours Stipend)
  • 4th Year Coding Instructor $15 / hour (Saturday 4.5 hours Stipend)
  • PHEAA Work Study (30+ Hours) Monday – Saturday / Office & Client Sites
(Hourly Rate) Yr 1 $12.00 /Yr 2 $13 / Yr 3 $14 / Yr 4 $15.00 
Must Complete PHEAA Application Process for WorkStudy Quick Facts
  1. Student must be enrolled in an accredited PA (2) Year Associate or (4) Year College degree seeking program.
  2. [For PHEAA Work Study] Students must be eligible under PHEAA Guidelines and enrolled in their program. 
  3. Dress Code: Students must dress in business casual attire. Sneakers and visible tattoos are prohibited. 
  4. Educational Requirements: Minimum GPA: 2.75
  5. Participation in a Professional Society or Membership Organization is preferred.
Who Are We?
TechCORE2 is the brainchild of Joel Wilson, President & CEO of JCW Computer Consulting, LLC ( and was launched as a Strategic Partnership Nonprofit Program in collaboration with long standing client Mercy-Douglass Human Services Affiliate Corporation ( in Winter of 2015. Mr. Wilson started out at age 11 as a self taught Basic programmer, took AP Computer Science in High School and later obtained a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1992. 
  • College Students will gain real world experience in providing technical instruction to young people and adults.
  • All positions require use of Google Apps for Business and other cloud application tools.
  • Each position will also have specific software and/or equipment that will be used.
  1. E-mail Resume or LinkedIn Profile URL to 
  2. Complete TechCORE2 Online Form
  3. Done

About TechCORE2 Nonprofit Corporation

TechCORE2 (Computers + Opportunities + Resources = Employment x Entrepreneurship) MISSION | To Develop a Technology Pipeline Program for Urban Youth from Kindergarten-to-College-to-Career Entry! – TechCORE2 (5) YEAR CELEBRATION VIDEO!!! (2015 to 2019): – Why TechCORE2 Promo Video, May 25, 2015: GOAL | To Create a Viable, Flexible and Sustainable Technology Training and Certification Pipeline from Philadelphia Youth and Young Adults in a Cost Effective Way by Leveraging the JCWCC Professional Network, Team Building, Online Learning Tools, Industry Affiliations and Practical Work Experience in a Start-Up Tech Centric Environment

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